Our Clients

Our Clients

are the most important asset of our company, and we are dedicated to serving your needs and work in your best interest. At Capital Wealth Finance we will give you a wonderful experience by displaying our character, responsibility, awareness and most importantly, our commitment to our clients, new and repeated.

Below are our Clients’ Feedback of our Valuable Service

“Jenny has settled my home and investment purchase – her experience has helped to get the NRAS loan across though other broker has failed 3 applications using the same information. She provided excellent complimentary review of our financial circumstances, asset protection strategy, insurance and providing impartial advice on available products. She is upfront in her dealings. We will use her service for our successive purchase with no hesitation.” – JH Tho, Specialist Physician

“Jenny is very experienced and passionate in what she did – she provided excellent strategies to achieve my goal as an investor. Her experienced served liked a GPS to me – highlight any risk/unexpected events that may result in devastated financial disaster. From a project manager’s point of view, it is what an ordinary mortgage broker lack of.” – Joseph Ho, Project Manager

“Jenny exceeds my expectations as a financial advisers and brokers. Since 2008, I have used her service and get invaluable advice for my decision makings. Through the roller-coaster of changing economy, she is always up to date with market conditions and her impressive proactive service has helped me save thousands of dollars! She is trustworthy and is committed to be My Wealth Creation Partner.” – Wilson, Investor

“Jenny’s firm has taught me how to identify “bad” and “good” debts so now I am in control of my future and financial destiny, knowing that I do not need to rely on Pension for my retirement.” – Trung, Field Engineer

“With the help of Jenny’s services,I have accumulated more than 10 assets in 6 years with rental income more than my annual salary,I know I am set for my retirement.” – Ms. Chia, Homemaker

“Jenny helped us to buy an undervalued property closed to Sydney CBD and turned the dream of home ownership into a reality. We are planning for our next investment based on your priceless advice.” – Paul & Emma, First Home Buyer

“As an expatriate, I have difficulties to get lenders to accept my foreign income, but with help from CWF, I finally got my dream home. CWF has turned my dream into reality.” – John & Veronica, Miner

“Through Jenny I got a loan for my first home while under probation. Jenny was very patient & supportive during the whole process, she showed me the way to financial freedom.” – Mr. Zhao, IT Professional