About Us

Capital Wealth Finance is an Australian company that provides professional mortgage structuring and property advisory services, dedicated to serving those who want financial help. Since 1998, we have helped thousands of families and individuals create wealth through our expertise advice. Everyone has different financial challenges and needs, and with our team of experts we’re able to achieve your financial goals and turn dreams into reality.

Our financial planners and mortgage brokers have had a broad experience in finance. Having worked with the biggest banks in South East Asia and the award-winning home developer: Metricon, CWF is ready to help you with your wealth. Hence, we have the knowledge to build your money and improve your cash flow with various successful strategies. We are passionate about creating wealth and sharing our expertise, which is not typically available through lenders and brokers but something we share wholeheartedly. Furthermore, we can also communicate with languages that you are familiar with such as English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and many more.

Capital Wealth Finance can help you select the right loan type so you can own your house sooner, building and expanding your property portfolio. Thus allowing you to achieve financial freedom and be in control of your own financial destiny. Your wealth journey starts here with us.


Capital Wealth Finance’s vision is to see everyone achieve financial freedom and enjoy life.

As your Wealth Creation Partner, we offer strategic financial solutions to help you create, grow and protect your wealth. We will empower you with knowledge to create wealth and provide guidance to protect your hard-earned finances. Essentially, our vision is “Follow dreams and flourish life”.